Baljit Kaur Thatti is married and has recently become a mother to a son. She has more than 10 years’ experience working in higher education as an academic in Chemistry. During this time, she has played an active role in reaching out to school and college learners to challenge career stereotypes that exist within STEM subjects. She is a great advocate of inclusion as the thread that should run through everything we do and has been involved in national level projects that ensure diversity is valued.

She has used her passion and her own lived experiences of being the first generation in higher education to ensure that learners are aware of the full range of careers and opportunities of lifelong learning that exist.

Some of her other interests include utilising professional societies and bodies to increase awareness of STEM subjects, and as such Baljit sits on several national and international professional subject knowledge committees.

Baljt is a member of  The Kingston Academy Local Academy Committee.